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Larry Clement
Commercial Truck Sales Manager

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The Ford Commercial Upfit Incentive Program is designed to assist small Canadian businesses & entrepreneurs. If your business vehicle requires installation of additional equipment to meet the needs of your specific vocation,the Commercial Upfit Incentive Program has you covered.

Commercial Upfit Incentives You can receive up to a $2,500 cash rebate when you upfit your new Ford vehicle with a commercial body, commercial equipment, or commercial accessories!

Eligible Modifiers – To be eligible for this incentive, vehicles must receive modifications/upfits that meet the minimum cost as noted below. Eligible Commercial equipment body installations must be performed by participating Ford authorized Pool Modifiers or Ford authorized Ship-Thru Modifiers (QVM) OR non-QVM Tier II Suppliers (suppliers that authorized by the Minister of Transport to use a national safety mark)


Transit Connect (excluding Electric)

• Minimum Upfit cost: $750

E-Series Van

• Minimum Upfit cost: $2,000

E-Series Cutaway

• Minimum Upfit cost: $2,000

F-150 with MidBox

• Minimum Upfit cost: $2,000

F-Series Super Duty Pickup

• Minimum Upfit cost: $1,500

F-Series Super Duty Chassis Cabs

• Minimum Upfit cost: $2,500

Note: Only one upfit claim per vehicle is eligible.


Eligible Commercial Equipment Body Installations – These are some of the commercial equipment body installations that are eligible:

  • Racks, bins and interior shelving packages
  • Van lining packages
  • Ladder racks
  • Rear lift gates
  • Safety partitions/bulkheads
  • Dump bodies
  • Snow Plows and Salt Spreaders (Chassis Cabs only)
  • Van (freight bodies) bodies
  • Flat decks and landscape bodies
  • Towing and recovery bodies
  • Cube van
  • Service and utility bodies
  • E-Series utility-type bodies
  • F-Series utility-type bodies
  • F-Series 150 MidBox (not eligible for cash alternative)
  • CNG installations on approved product lines
  • Mobility Upfits
  • Factory installed options are not eligible

Please note that only eligible commercial equipment body installations that are performed through participating Ford authorized pool modifiers or Ford authorized ship-thru modifiers and non QVM Tier II Suppliers that are authorized by the ministry of transport to use a national safety mark are eligible.